On the Town by Robert Towne

The Last Detail

Hal Ashby knows how to draw forth Jack's knack for the physicality of madness (Five Easy Pieces spazz-out in the front seat, axe work in The Shining ), Jack's raunch eloquence (Cuckoo's Nest hobohemian, camp bigotry of The Departed), and the cool, composed manner of ease when stuck with the insuperable condition of the world (varsity sweatshirt lawyer in Easy Rider, identity-thief media agent in The Passenger, King of Marvin Gardens maverick literati).  This is "Bad Ass" Buddusky.

A true counterculture movie, where the rebellion, alienation and urge to uprise is traced from the inside-out.  Three guys who have each chosen their own imprisonment in the Navy.  Otherwise the universe is chaos. Ecstasy is delivered from beating back those prison walls as if they were not the only choice for these sailors.  Buddy existentialism, just enough solemn and just enough hilarious.

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