The Movie Life of Historical Figures

Have you been reading about the controversial new TV miniseries The Kennedys (2011, Stephen Kronish), and are you a fan of the Greek movie Dogtooth (2010, Giorgos Lanthimos)?

If the eldest daughter in Dogtooth had been given a contraband video of The Kennedys, instead of Jaws or Rocky, then the eldest daughter might have acted out a scene from The Kennedys more accurately than depicted in the movie itself, based on real life, of which the eldest daughter in Dogtooth has no knowledge of, but is painfully desperate for.

Father discovers the movie.

The family plays a game.

JFK collage, Presidential Portraits, by The Shine Box.

Tom Wilkinson as Joe Kennedy.

Tom Wilkinson as Ben Franklin.

The creators of Dogtooth made it past the hedges, all the way to the grand factory of real-life, the Academy Awards:

Rocky wins the Oscar.
In Black Swan, Natalie Portman merely trained to imitate a dancer.  In Dogtooth, Aggeliki Papoulia bares herself open to the possession of sick hysteric forces:

When it comes to the life of historical figures, British witticist Alan Bennett captured it right in his approach to T.E. Lawrence:

"T.E. Lawrence,
The man and the myth.
Which is man and which is myth?
Is this fact or is it lies?
What is truth and what is fable?
Where is Ruth, and where is Mabel?"

T.E. Lawrence.

Movie Poster (1962).

Ralph Fiennes as T.E. Lawrence (1992)

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